Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ribbon Embellishment Tutorial

Hi everyone! Its Windy here to share a quick and easy way to add an elegant ribbon embellishment to your cards and scrapbook pages...

To make this stacked ribbon:
1) cut various lengths of ribbon (cut each piece 2x the length of desired bow + 1")
2) make each ribbon into a loop and fasten with a stapler or glue dot
3) cinch ribbon in center
4) punch hole in center
5) attach decorative brad to hold layers together

Super simple... right? Here's another card using the same technique:) I hope you enjoy!
All patterned paper for both projects from Artsy Urban collection


papertrails leaver said...

this is a great example of how to use ribbon! Thanks for sharing this!

The Sonboul's said...

this bow is so pretty and you do a great job showing how to make it.
You are so talented with new ideas!