Thursday, January 27, 2011

Check this out!

What an amazing prize! Brave Girls Camp is on my bucket list... I'm secretly stashing away funds so I can go!

Tomorrow I'm off to CHA... can't wait to experience it and my first trip to California all in one fell swoop! I'll be gone for about a week & when I return I'll share some of the CHA projects that I've been working on for GCD Studios, Glue Dots® and Zva Creative.

If you'll be at CHA, I'd love to meet you! Stop by the GCD Studios booth or shoot me an email ( and maybe we can hook up:)

Have a great week & take care!


Renee said...

Windy, I am so excited for you. Have a wonderful time!!

Justine said...


erin yamabe said...

hi windy,
such a pleasure meeting you! you have a beautiful banner, and i'm going to check out your work! i sure hope i get to see you again:) i'm in the bay area, if you're ever out here, please let me know!