Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Things...

Just dropping in quickly to share 2 things:
1) GCD Studios is having their 2011 design team call! More info. HERE. If you've ever considered giving it a go for a manufacturer's design team... DO:) Its a great experience. If you think you are too new or maybe tried before and didn't make it... TRY & TRY AGAIN. The first time I tried out, I didn't make it, but I did the second time around I did... a lot happens in a year:)

2) More info about how to win a trip to Brave Girl Camp is HERE. It looks like its now open to purchases at all stores (Archivers, Hobby Lobby, online retailers)... check it out. Seriously... Brave Girl Camp.  Get your craft and go win that prize girl!

Happy Thursday!

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