Monday, April 18, 2011

Ready for Mother's Day?

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?  ~Milton Berle

Ok... so I didn't realize that Mother's Day was coming up so fast, it will be here in less than 20 days... oh my! Here is an idea for a quick Mother's Day gift... a tray and desk caddy. I use similar items around my craft space to catch things like my scissors, adhesive and the like when I working so it doesn't get buried under my pile of mess.
The tray is actually really easy to make and is something you can do in about 30 minutes. I started with a set of unfinished wooden trays that I picked up from Michael's for about $4, then I adhered two 12x12 patterned papers to the tray. I overlapped them on each other and used Permanent Glue Dots to adhere them to the tray.  Then I trimmed off the excess paper on the short end. Lastly, you adhere clear buttons to the patterned paper... to speed up the project, I used Glue Dots® Crafts Dots to adhere them. 
I really like this project because it can be easily changed up to suit a recipient by changing out the patterned paper. I used Anna Griffin's Carmen collection because it is one of my new favorite collections and my mom likes orange, but think about how cute this would be if you used October Afternoon's 5 & Dime Collection or maybe Cosmo Cricket's Social Club collection. I wish I had the time to make one in every collection, but I must first finish my mother in law's...shhh, don't tell:)

Anyway, here are the instructions to create the coordinating desk caddy...
1) line bottom of upcycled box (this one was a lid from a candle box) with patterned paper
2) roll up 1" x 6" strips of patterned paper, hold together with Mini Glue Dots
3) apply a Continuous Glue Line around outside of box and adhere rolls on to the strip of adhesive

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for visiting today:)

*I wrote this blog post while serving on the Glue Dots® design team*


Renee said...

Windy, I love this project! It's so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hope and Chances said...

That's great Windy, super projects. Mother's Day has been and gone in the UK but I'm thinking they could be gifts any time :-)

Holly Barrett said...

What a great idea! Might have to "creatively borrow" this one! :)

Windy Robinson Life Handmade said...

Borrow away! That's why I share it here:)

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Gorgeous, Windy, in all ways moxie fab! :)

jen said...

I thought this was awesome the first time I saw it- but Cath has reminded me to leave you some love!! :)