Saturday, March 21, 2009

Try something new everyday... today I tried stamp kissing-- I'm still reserving judgement on wether I like it or not, but it was a way to break out all of my old stamps/inks and get them back into use (and I got a lot of great ideas to try out for accents on my scrapbook layouts). If you are not familiar stamp kissing, visit this blog post at Fabulously Artsy-- there is a great video tutorial that I used to get my gears going. 

To note: I used a small butterfly stamp to kiss the large flower. This one color kissing basically removes the ink from the larger stamp revealing the cardstock or leaving a negative image.

This card shows a two color kissing technique where the darker ink of one stamp kisses off on a stamp with a lighter color-- here you see the black ink kissing off onto the brown on the flower. I then experimented by stamping it on different colors of paper-- you can see the results. Obviously I liked the stamped image on the lighter kraft paper best which is why I used it for central focus point on my card.

Remember the beauty of all of this is that it is fun to play around, try things out; nothing has to be perfect, right or wrong-- just enjoy the process! 

Have you tried any new techniques lately? If so please share-- I'm always looking for new things techniques and ideas to try out. Have a great Sunday all!

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