Friday, May 08, 2009

I knew our life had changed...

... when we flipped a coin to see who would give baby Campbell a bath after a spaghetti dinner. The funny part was that it wasn't any old coin flip, the coin bounced off the table, hit the floor and rolled under the stove. I knew my life was no longer what it used to be when I realized that both Brian and I were laying on our bellies on the kitchen floor to see if the coin was in fact a head or a tail. We looked at each other and chuckled, both thinking "I guess this is what kids do to you?" I can only imagine what that scene must have looked like-- two grown ups laying on the floor in a tiny little kitchen to see who got bath time duty.

Here is a layout that you can do tonight to remember your kids "Right Now." Jot down few of their favorite things, sayings-- what they call each other right at this moment, on this Mother's Day. Take the time to capture these memories with a current photo. It doesn't have to be complicated or super fancy-- just capture it so you don't loose it.

PS-- If you are a mom out there (like me) that is hesitant to jump in the picture, please check out this flicker group.

Happy Mother's Day!

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