Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Star" -phobia? Kazan's Sketch #25

No its actually siderophobia. But yes I have a fear of stars... on my scrapbook pages and paper crafts that is. I don't think that until this day that I have every incorporated a star as design element into anything I've crafted. I'm not sure why...perhaps because to me stars are so masculine (I have two girls and usually reach for the flowers and and hearts)...maybe its the sharp points that I don't like... I don't know why, but I just don't like stars. Well when I saw Kazan's sketch for this week... 

... my first thought was... "Well, I'll just skip it this week." Then I thought..."You really need to get over it and just do the sketch." After procrastinating all week I found that this afternoon I had no excuse not to do the sketch because both of my girls are napping beautifully... the house is clean.... so...

I did it!!!  Thanks Kazan! Who knows? This could be the start of a beautiful relationship:)

Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone! 

Products: Everything used on this page was truly a scrap. The orange paper is from Piggy Tales, the small star is Foofa La and the stamps is from Bent Creek Creations. Everything else is unknown.


Helen said...

Well you still managed to make the stars very cute and friendly looking!! It's a lovely card!

Unknown said...

om-gosh how funny you are! I guess there is no mistaking the stars on the sketch *lol* but you did it and you did it fabulously (minus the pointy edges!!). Let me know if this got you over your star-phobia because that would take the sketches to a whole new level.
Hugs & Congrats