Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Brain...

So we are gearing up here for our big Thanksgiving Feast. Anyone have a magical pumpkin pie recipe that you would want to share? I volunteered to bring one to our celebration and pumpkin pie is just one pumpkin creation I have not mastered yet.

While surfing around looking for some ingenious ideas for the holiday, I came across the following I thought I'd share... so if you're up for some Thanksgiving fun follow along...

Visit Martha to find out: Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You? Kind of fun... I was mashed potatoes and gravy (but did I really need a quiz to know this??hehe)

So if you are like me and your pumpkin pie is average, you can kick it up a notch by making it look better. Right? Check out all of the ideas that Martha has for decorative pie crusts. (Cooking a turkey? there is also a million tips at Martha's site for that too).

Having kids over? Hop over to for a downloadable Thanksgiving place mat to keep them busy (for a bit).

Did you know that even our government has info out there on Thanksgiving? Click here for things like American recipes, turkey cooking safety tips and out of this world Thanksgiving celebrations. Who would have imagined?

Lastly... jump over to Real Simple's site for a slide show of table decorating ideas for $50 or less. You can't beat that:)
 Thanks so much for visiting today... have a great Monday!!!

Today I'm thankful for...
1) the grocery store
2) quarky, serious, silly little girls
3) 70 degree November days

Products: patterned paper (Basic Grey), rub on (Scenic Route), stamp & ink (Technique Tuesday), pearls (Kaiser Crafts)

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