Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother's Day Is On Its Way: A New Purse for Mom

Anybody have a ton of scrapbook paper laying around, or did you buy one of those paper packs, use only a piece or two and have the rest just waiting for the perfect project??? Break it out! Let's do something with it for Mother's Day. This week I'll post some easy paper craft gifts that you can make for the ladies in your life.  

Monday Gift Idea: Card Set w/ Paper Purse holder

Yes, I totally fell for Basic Grey's Urban Prairie line & bought just about every bit of the collection, only to find that I have hardly used any of it (sound familiar?). Anyway, here is it in the form of a fun twist for a new purse for mom. I'm giving this set to my girlfriend to use as a silent auction item at her preschool tomorrow. 

The key to keeping this project manageable: Keep the cards simple-- don't over extend yourself (all handmade cards are better than a package of cards from the drug store:)-- they will be loved!  Click here for the purse's pattern. 

Leave a comment and I'll send one random winner a kit and pattern to create their own paper purse (because as you all know, I love to share the projects that I'm working on:).

Happy Crafting!

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