Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kid's Art Cards

Hi all! I hope you are having a great week:) Below is a blog post that I wrote for Glue Dots® that I thought would be fun to share here...
Kids grab your paints and markers... moms grab your Glue Dots®  and cardstock. Together you can make personalized cards for the whole family.
To create personalized kid's art cards:
1) Allow kids to get create on any 81/2" x 11" sized paper (or smaller) with paint, markers, and crayons (avoid using any dimensional embellishments because artwork will need to be scanned).
2) Scan artwork into computer.
3) Use a photo editing program to add sentiments to artwork. Making these cards yourself allows you to personalize and taylor them to suit your family. For example... every time my 3 year old sees a snowman she yells out "Happy Birthday" because she just learned that is what Frosty says when he puts on his old silk hat and comes to life, so for our winter birthday cards we drew Frosty holding a "Happy Birthday" sentiment.

Tip: This project was created with online photo editing at picnick ( Picnick has many photo editing capabilities which are free to use.
4) Print out each picture and adhere to a cardstock card.
Tip: I use the Poster Glue Dots® on this type of card because they hold well, but my recipient can remove them at a later date and save the photo if desired.

*I wrote this blog post while serving on the Glue Dots® Design Team*