Monday, February 01, 2010

Ah yes! Love...

Welcome Monday and hello friends! Today I have Scrap that Poetry's ninth challenge for you as we take inspiration from a poem by Clarence B. Campbell... Ah yes! Love
Ah, yes! Love 
Is peaches and honey, and figs, and cream. 
And wild grapes dripping beside the stream, 
Humming birds, 
And a young man's dream! 
Ah, yes! Love 
Is bubbles and beauty and lantern light, 
Music and madness and dizzy height, 
And a star-filled night! 

Ah, yes! Love 
Is oceans and azure, and infinite skies, 
Rubies and ivory, and fathomless eyes, 
Where the bluebird springs 
And signs as he flies! 
Ah, yes! Love 
Is whispers, and flickers, and candleshine, 
Glances and trances, and deep, red winde, 
And the moon-dust that clings 
To the gossamer vine! 

Ah, yes! Love 
Is kisses, caresses, and sweet desire, 
Prickles and shivers, and flashing fire, 
And melodies 
From a throbbing lyre! 
Ah, yes! love 
Is silver, and roses, and gay champagne, 
And the soft reprise of the April rain, 
And memories 
That will long remain!
And here's my take...
Journaling reads: "In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two." Erich Fromm

This poem really doesn't describe the relationship that I have with my hubs... we are far from figs and cream and to do a layout that would depict that would really just hypocritical, I think. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, the poem did remind me of one of my favorite quotes, one I often attribute to our relationship and the love we have.  Sometimes I wonder how it is that Brian and I could possible live together (we are just about polar opposites)... but most other times its not... that is our paradox. 

And since its card and page Monday, here is a little vintagey Love card I have to share.
Thanks for stopping in today... I'd love for you to join us with this challenge. Its easy to play along, just upload your take on the poem and post a comment on the Scrap that Poetry blog linking back to your blog or gallery.


Jane said...

I really like your LO and the monochomatic look to it!!!

Jessica said...

I love this card, Windy!!! Colors, design and all :)