Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Time for an Elaborate Valentine?

Here's a little Valentine inspiration that you can put together quickly to let your loved one know how much they mean to you throughout the whole day... Mini-Valentines! Make a few minis and leave them hidden in thoughtful places throughout the house so that your loved one can find little handmade surprises on Valentine's Day.

My husband taught me that it is more fun to get lots of Valentines on Valentine's Day than just one. When we were in college, he used to surprise me with numerous cards throughout dinner or throughout the day. He'd start a story or love poem with the first card and then complete it with each card he gave me thereafter... so fun and romantic. Now I like to do it for him and I LOVE to leave little card treats for my girls on Valentine's Day. They think it is fun to find all of my little gifts... a mini scavenger hunt. Fun!!! and a family tradition that I hope they will always treasure.

Each of these cards measure 2 3/4 in x 2 3/4 in and uses Imaginisce's Sweet Cherry Collection.  

Since its Wednesday, I thought I'd leave you with some Valentine and Love wisdom which may inspire a card or scrapbook page.

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. ~Benjamin Franklin
Where there is love there is life. ~Gandhi
The best proof of love is trust. ~Joyce Brothers
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. ~Aristotle

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Rebekah Williams said...

Ooh, love the mini-Valentine idea! Thanks, Windy!

Jennifer Campbell said...

Love your mini valentine's and the story... reminds me of my college days with my husband! I might have to do this!! Thanks!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow Windy your cards are just divine, I would be happy with just 1 valentines card this year??